Monday, February 9, 2015

Mount Rushmore - 1968 - High On Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore
High On Mount Rushmore

01. Stone Free 3:57
02. Without No Smog 5:27
03. Ocean 4:07
04. I Don't Believe in Statues 4:08
05. Looking Back 9:40
06. ('Cause) She's so Good to Me 3:35
07. Medley: 7:23
 a. Fannie Mae
 b. Dope Song

 Mike Bolan "Bull" - guitar
 Glenn Smith "Smitty" - vocals, guitar
 Travis Fullerton - drums, percussion
 Terry Kimball - bass

Great early hard rock with roots (and parts of the stem) in psychedelia. The sparseness of the sound coupled with brilliantly performed vocals makes for perhaps the finest american hard rock album of the late sixties. It contains great rock tracks such as "I Don't Believe In Statues", and more experimental pieces like "Looking Back", with its' shifting meters and proto kraut parts. A "lost" classic.

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