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Morning Dew - 1971 - Second Album

Morning Dew
Second Album

01. Someday 4:24
02. Flying Above Myself 4:21
03. My Kind of Music 4:08
04. Lion>Away from It All 9:26
05. 1849 4:58
06. Satan Gotta Hold on Thee 4:18
07. Money Honey Blues 2:56
08. Then Came the Light [Alternate Stereo Version] 3:55
09. Something You Say 3:33
10. Our Last Song 1:16

 This represents a big change in our sound as we feature Ferdy Baumgart  playing the Hammond. I’m now using a Gibson Les Paul with my Mosrite fuzz occasionally, but not as much.  We had also added Dave Howell on keyboards and guitar. Eventually, Bill Stahlin from St.Joe, Missouri  replaced Blair Honeyman on bass….Bill was a friend of Steve Walsh, lead singer for “Kansas”. We were in a more experimental phase of our music.)

1-Someday: An ecology message. Ferdy was a “power” player on the Hammond. And , it shows on several of these tunes. I do like the Les Paul fuzz lead at the end of the song.

2-Flying Above Myself: I think this is my favorite song of the session. Great, high energy Hammond lead in the middle of the song with some great percussion back up by Don. It sounds like something Santana might do with his keyboard player…..of course there is no guitar lead in this song. Now the lyrics in this song are totally about being stoned….pure and simple. However, we never performed under the influence. We could derive inspiration from being under the influence, but we always put the songs out sober.

3-My Kind of Music: This is a break from the Hammond sound in the other songs. Ferdy plays guitar lead on a Gibson ES335. Country music has always been very popular in Kansas and this is a song written about those fans or audiences.

4-Lion/Away From It All: This was to be our second “Epic” for the second album, again putting two songs together. “Lion” is the representation of the cruel world out there and “Away From It All” is about getting with the love of your life, forgetting your troubles, and getting away from all your troubles. The music centers around  Ferdy’s Hammond and my guitar parts playing off one another.

5-1849: Again, nice break from the “front and center” Hammond sound. Dave Howell is on Hammond with Ferdy on one lead guitar and me on the other. We saw a documentary about the California gold rush in the late 1840’s and that inspired the song.

6-Satin’s Gotta Hold On Thee: I like the body of the song and the lyric, but it just doesn’t seem to reach its potential as a song. I think we may have taken off in too many different directions on this one. It is interesting though. It is about people in general not being satisfied, being hypocritical, and pretty much losing their way. Maybe this is why the music drifts in different directions.

7-Money Honey Blues: This was actually recorded in our Fairyland Sessions as a filler song. We pretty much wrote and arranged it in the studio….it is the early Dew sound. Lou Rennau plays the piano on this.  It so happened that Cicadelic/Collectables put this on the Second Album release as a filler to the other ones.

8-Then Came the Light: This is the version done at Fairyland Recording Studio. Later, re-recorded on the Roulette album in New York.

9-Something you Say: Again, this is the Fairyland Recording Studio version. Later, re-recorded on the Roulette album in New York.

10-Our Last Song: Again, this was done at Fairyland Recording Studio only. 
Some of the Fairyland recordings were put on the “Second ‘Album” by Cicadelic/Collectables as filler to the songs we recorded at Audio House for Roulette to consider for a second album on their label.

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