Saturday, February 28, 2015

Luis Alberto Spinetta - 1977 - A 18' Del Sol

Luis Alberto Spinetta 
A 18' Del Sol

01. Viento del azur
02. Telgopor
03. Viejas mascarillas
04. A dieciocho minutos del sol
05. Canción para los días de la vida
06. Toda la vida tiene música hoy
07. ¿Dónde está el topacio?
08. La eternidad imaginaria

Drums – Carlos Gustavo Spinetta (tracks: 1), Osvaldo López
Electric Bass – Machi Rufino
Keyboards – Diego Rapoport
Electric Bass – Marcelo Vidal
Guitars, Vocals: Luis Alberto Spinetta

Luis returns to fusion on this album, much like his work with Invisible around Durazno sangrando. The difference is that this is less disjointed and discordy, and everyone of these jams flows beautifully thanks to pianist Diego Rapoport, and of course Spinetta's guitar (it's not an instrument, it's an extension of his soul!). I'm usually not a great fan of fusion, but a lot of the stuff here is quite booty-full! His voice is also so gentle, and they carry these songs with such a feeling of comfort. It's crazy! Especially on "Viejas Mascarillas". The instrumentation is so subtle, yet so tastefully done. "Canción para los días de la vida" is another beautiful song, and it's entirely acoustic.



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