Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love Craft - 1975 - We Love You (Whoever You Are)

Love Craft
We Love You (Whoever You Are)

01. We Love You (Whoever You Are)
02. Nora
03. I Feel Better
04. Your Smile
05. Ain't Gettin' None
06. Monumental Movement The Hook
07. Flight

- George Agosto / percussion
- Frank Capek / guitar
- Craig Gigstad / bass
- Mark Justin / synthesizer, keyboards
- Jorge Juan Rodriguez / guitar
- Michael Tegza / drums, vocals
- Lalomie Washburn / percussion, vocals

In 1975 drummer Michael Tegza decided to reactivate the Lovecraft nameplate (now shown as 'Love Craft') without participation from any other original members (of course he was himself a second generation participant having replaced original drummer Fred Pappalardo).  Recruiting a new lineup consisting of percussionist George Agosto, guitarists Frank Capek and Jorge Juan Rodriguez, bassist Craig Gigstad, keyboardist Mark Justin, and singer LaLomie Washburn, the group was signed by Mercury.  Co-produced by Tegza and Washburn, anyone expecting something similar to the band's original psych leanings, or their latter day country-rock orientation was bound to have been surprised by "We Love You, Whoever You Are".  With Washburn responsible for virtually all of the material, material such as 'Ain't Gettin' None' and 'Flight' offered up a mainstream set of AOR that recalled something along the lines of Santana-meets-Chaka Kahn. Washburn certainly had a nice voice, but she all but drown out the rest of the band, leaving them in the role of backing band. To be honest, the set was never less than professional, but on the heels of their earlier releases this one was a major artistic and commercial disappointment ...



  2. Wow! Many thanks for posting. I was aware of the existence of this LP but never saw it anywhere before. Mind you, it's reputation hardly encouraged me to look.
    IMHO it's not good but not as bad as I feared.