Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lothar & The Hand People - 1969 - Space Hymn

Lothar & The Hand People
Space Hymn

01. Yes, I Love You    
02. oday Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow    
03. Midnight Ranger    
04. Sister Lonely    
05. Wedding Night For Those Who Love    
06. Heat Wave    
07. Say, "I Do!"    
08. What Grows On Your Head?    
09. Sdrawkcab    
10. Space Hymn    

Lothar (theremin), John Emelin, Paul Conly, Rusty Ford, Tom Flye, Kim King, Richard Willis

I'm probably a little bit harder on this record than I really should be, mostly because I feel that it represents too much unrealised potential. These guys were quite unique at the time their albums were recorded, and they possessed the talent to put out something truly extraordinary. We got a whiff of this on their first one, which should have been a harbinger of better things to come. But I feel they dropped the ball with this, their second and final album. Not that it's not good - on the contrary, I feel 6 of the 10 tracks offered rate a B- or better. It just could have, ney, should have, excelled, and it clearly misses the mark. I think most of that has to do with their choice of material. They apparently had a liking for soft, moody ballads. And they were able to turn out some that were far better than most in this genre. But they seem to turn to this style far too often. Even the non-ballad material seems to be softer and a little more subdued than necessary. You find yourself waiting (and waiting) for them to finally rock out, and it just never comes. In fairness, this album does contain what is clearly their best known cut in the title track; a very spacey, hypnotic, trippy piece with electronic sounds and atmosphere, the likes of which had not been heard before, and which remains their signature achievement. But a little support wouldn't hurt, and I feel there is too little of that here.
Though their sound is substantially better than a typical garage band, their style of playing is influenced by that. Again, like their debut, this is a mix of diverse mat'l, most in a somewhat non-commercial vein, and some with psych influences.


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  2. Hey Drago - why this record matters: the title track. It is basically text book hypnosis. It gets the listener in a highly suggestible state. And what does it plant in the hypnotised brain?
    Standing on the moon.
    Filled with thoughts of home.
    The earth so slowly turning -
    Riders together on a starship of stone
    Living together
    Loving together
    Dying alone.

    Great. Hypnotise your audience and sing THAT into their ears.... Yikes!

  3. Wooow, i loved so much the first album that have on a bootleg release in vinyl, that can't wait to listen to this...
    BTW, from what i know, Lothar is the theramin itself, non a real person....