Sunday, February 8, 2015

Los Yorks - 1967 - Los Yorks' 67

Los Yorks
Los Yorks' 67

01. Pronto Un Doctor
02. Vete Al Infierno
03. Rogaras
04. La Carta
05. Esperando
06. Enamorada De Un Amigo Mio
07. Abrasame
08. No Puedo Amar
09. Cielo (Sunny)
10. Muy Facil
11. Hunki Panky
12. Pensando Estoy

A Peruvian garage psych quartet. Their albums are now very rare. Justo A Mi Gusto is a rewrite of Paul Revere and The Raiders' Just Like Me. It can also be heard on Sons Of YMA compilation, along with Solo Estoy, one of their single tracks. Both are well worth hearing - they were among Peru's finest bands.
The Los Yorks' 68 album cover bears a striking resemblance to that of Love's Forever Changes album.
Other compilation coverage has included Mi Mente En Ti on Seeds Turn To Flowers Turn To Dust (CD) and Vallery on Los Demonios Del Rock, which has some pleasing guitar moments in places.




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