Saturday, February 21, 2015

Living Life - 1975 - Let: From Experience To Experience

Living Life 
Let: From Experience To Experience

01. Studio In La Minore
02. Let
03. Time
04. From Marocco
05. Ciopi Ciopi
06. Straight Down

Marcello Quartarone (guitar, vocals)
Walter Negri (sax, flute)
Piercarlo Bettini (keyboards)
Roberto Savarro (bass, vocals)
Roberto "Johnny" Betti (drums, keyboards, vocals)
Sandro Gianotti (percussion)

Widely unknown jazz rock band from Turin,formed in mid-70's by ex-Circus 2000 drummer Roberto "Johnny" Betti.Another former member of Circus 2000, guitarist Marcello ''Spooky'' Quartarone participated also in the original line-up.Their first album was released in 1975 on Betti's newly established Shirak Label with no names of the band's members,except the main composer Nijo Tibet,who has to be Betti under a fake pseudonym. Fortunately the album was re-released by Mellow Records on CD in 1995.
''Let: from experience to experience'' is mostly an instrumental album of soft and progressive jazz rock with some ethnic overtones here and there.Unlike many bands dealing with this path,LIVING LIFE choose to balance the album between free impovisational forms and well-arranged compositions,always filled with massive flutes, perscussions and saxes.For example the first two tracks are beautifully composed progressive/jazz tracks with a fair amount of melody and a slight Canterbury feeling (mainly the first).However the two followers, ''Time'' and ''From Marocco'' are an obscure blending of free improvisation and ethnic tunes created by saxes,while those tracks include heavy use of percussions as well.''Ciopi ciopi'' is a relaxing instrumental entirely based on Piercarlo Bettini' piano,while the closer ''Straight down'' is the more balanced composition,where Bettini's piano meets Quartarone smooth solos meets Walter Negri's improvisational saxes and Savarro's fantastic bass lines.A combination of KRAAN, WEATHER REPORT, RETURN TO FOREVER with some AREA's softer music would be a good description.

All in all the album is really satisfying with some trully good moments and a hidden energy on the background. Generally recommended,but not to be missed by fans of progressive rock,who want heavy doses of jazz in their music



  2. woooow,
    great forgotten band... i used to have (probably i still have) this vinyl... thanxxxx