Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Listening - 1968 - Listening


01. You're Not There 4:06
02. Laugh at the Stars 4:15
03. 9/8 Song 4:28
04. Stoned Is 4:51
05. "Forget It, Man!" 3:24
06. I Can Teach You 2:23
07. So Happy 2:33
08. Cuando 2:51
09. "Baby: Where Are You?" 6:23
10. Fantasy 1:02
11. See You Again 3:45

Michael Tschudin (keyboards, organ, vocals)
Peter Malick (guitar)
Walter Powers (bass)
Ernie Kamanis (drums, vocals)

So obscure it totally escaped me during my several years of disproportionately intense attention to late 60s rock. Rightfully praised by connoisseurs, this is a real heavy-hitter of back-to-back acid fuzz nuggets that put my mind into the happy lands of The Ultimate Spinach, Food, The Freeborne, Cream, The Collectors, Ars Nova, Autosalvage, Aorta, etc. It has all the signs of a slow-grower that might eventually worm its way into my "psych" (I think that term/concept is stupid, just for the record) top 100 or thereabouts.  An all-around ace album I'm planning to spend a good bit more time with on the advice of my most esteemed 60s/70s guru, who recently hipped me to this platter and reported a dizzying ascent into the highest echelons of his rating scale.


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/51ucd3uk8t8r/1862.rar