Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lightshine - 1976 - Feeling


01. Sword in the Sky (4:50)
02. Lory (5:31)
03. Nightmare (10:33)
04. King and Queen (13:44)
05. Feeling (7:37)

- Joe / guitar, vocals
- Ulli / guitar, flute, vocals
- Olli / synthesizer
- Wolfgang / bass
- Egon / drums

LIGHTSHINE is a very unknown but great band from the Krautrock german scene, which was formed in Emmerich by Wolfgang, Ulli, Joe and Egonwhen when they were about 20. They played very trippy and beautiful music pieces, in the style of AMON DÜÜL II, ELOY, with a little touch of LED ZEPPELIN, GENESIS and PINK FLOYD. The band manages to bring something new to the Krautrock movement.

In 1973, they released their unique album, Feeling, edited with a limited number of copies. The d isc features great epic floating long pieces, mostly dominated by electric floating guitar and alternates relaxing and catchy passages. An unknown classic of Krautrock !

 This was LIGHTSHINE's only album released in 1976. This German band offers up some beautiful, melodic and spacey passages here. Vocals are in English and are pretty good. He does get crazy with them at times, very theatrical.

"Sword In The Sky" has this guitar melody for 3 minutes that sounds great, I like the tone of it..The vocals come in followed by piano and flute as the mood changes.The flute then takes the lead. "Lory" has some tasteful guitar and the bass is prominant. The vocals get a little theatrical on this one. "Nightmare" is my favourite song off of this record. The vocals are almost speaking as a vocal melody is sung at the same time. Some beautiful, spacey guitar and light drums take over as the vocals have stopped. This contrast continues. Some cool sounding synths as well.

"King And Queen" opens with experimental, spacey noises for 90 seconds then guitar and drums come in. We get those theatrical vocals again that crash the mellow soundscape. He's playing the part of the crazy king when he sings ? Like a lunatic. "Feeling" is another great track that opens with percussion and gentle guitar.Vocals 3 minutes in followed by drums and bass as things pick up. There is some excellent guitar towards the end.

This is an album that is easy to drift away with but it also has some emotional moments that I enjoy. Worth checking out if your into Krautrock or Psychedelic music.

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