Friday, February 20, 2015

Le Système Crapoutchik - 1969 - Aussi Loin Que Je Me Souvienne

Le Système Crapoutchik
Aussi Loin Que Je Me Souvienne

01. Aussi Loin Que Je Me Souvienne   
02. Quand Je Serai Grand   
03. Les Lutins   
04. La Chanson Des Amis   
05. L'Amour Avec Un Grand A   
06. Un Jour Dans Ma Vie   
07. Une Vie   
08. Premier Amour   
09. Vingt Ans
10. Chagrin D'Amour   
11. Les Temps Ont Changé   
12. Quand J'étais Gosse   
13. C'est L'hiver   

Jean-Pierre Alarcen
Gérard Kawczynski
Alain Legovic [aka Alain Chamfort]
Christian Padovan
Miche Pelay
Claude Puterflam
André Sitbon

Accordion – Frederic Bernot

The debut LP of the band was released on Flamophone in 1969. It shows our friends delivering a very cool pop sound which pays tributes to the more McCartney-esque side of the Beatles, but mixed in a very personal way with the pop/psych/prog air of its era. Saving the distance, since Le Systeme Crapoutchik have a unique sound of their own that makes it hard to compare to anything else - and even not having such a baroque production - this LP could be the French equivalent to Billy Nichols's Would You Believe. First time ever reissued on vinyl, from the original master tapes and reproducing the original gatefold cover, plus an insert with liner notes by Jean-Emmanuel Dubois & Marc Argenter.

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