Monday, February 16, 2015

Lazarus - 1973 - A Fool's Paradise

A Fool's Paradise

01. Ladyfriends II
02. Ladyfriends I
03. When Will The Home Of Me Begin
04. A Fool's Paradise
05. Baby, Baby
06. Thoughts Of You
07. Take Me High
08. Oklahoma Boy
09. This Is A Song
10. Poets And Lovers

Bill Hughes: Vocals, Guitar, Piano on 4, Harp on 1, 6
Carl Keesee: Vocals, Bass
Gary Dye: Vocals, Piano, Organ

Peter Yarrow: Producer, Musical Director
Phil Ramone: Producer, Engineer

Nick Jameson: Drums on 1, 2, 8, Percussion on 1, 2, 5, 8
Chris Dedrick (ex-Free Desighn): Orchestration

This is the second and last album by the folk-rock group Lazarus, and it dates from around 1972 or so. It's terrific acoustic music with beautiful vocal harmonies and wonderful songwriting. My personal favorites are "When Will the Home of Me Begin" and "Thoughts of You" but all the songs on here are good. I also enjoy "Oklahoma Boy" which is a good-natured parody of country crying-in-your beer songs, while being one itself. I think their first album, the self-titled "Lazarus" (also available for download on Amazon), is a little better but both are on my short list of desert island albums. If you like acoustic folk-rock with tight harmonies and intelligent, sensitive songwriting, you should definitely give it a listen.



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