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Invisible - 1976 - El Jardin de Los Presentes

El Jardin de Los Presentes

01. El anillo del Capitán Beto
02. Los libros de la buena memoria
03. Alarma entre los ángeles
04. Que ves el cielo
05. Ruido de magia
06. Doscientos años
07. Niño condenado
08. Las golondrinas de la Plaza de Mayo

- Luis Alberto Spinetta / guitar and vocals
- Hector Lorenzo / drums
- Carlos Rufino / bass and backing vocals
- Tommy Gubitsch / lead guitar

In 1975, young virtuoso electric guitarist Tommy Gubitsch joined the group. Now a quartet, Invisible released their third and very popular final album: El jardín de los presentes. This LP had a lot of tango-influenced music and lyrics. There is some bandoneón playing; and the opening song, the still remembered "El anillo del capitán Beto", tells the story of a sort of space city bus driver with the same nickname as a popular soccer player.

This attempt to fuse tango with rock music was a trend in those days due to the fact that revolutionary tango composer Astor Piazzolla was getting involved with rock musicians. (He later regretted this, claiming that rock performers did not like to practice to improve their playing!). Anyway, let us admit that Spinetta had already used a bandoneón in a song years before that: "Laura va", from Almendra's debut album.

Another song to remark is "Niño condenado (Perdonado)", with a powerful King Crimson-influenced interlude.

El jardín de los presentes –a very good album in the end– was promoted with a big sell-out concert. However, by the end of the year (1976) the group split.

Luis Alberto Spinetta pursued a solo career (sometimes under the name Spinetta-Jade) mostly influenced in jazz-rock and fusion. Pomo and Machi would play with different artists.

First of all I would like to say that I don't agree with the fact that Invisible is labeled as Symphonic Prog.The term Jazz fusion would suite them much better.I think that this is important because this may confuse newcomers to the band (especially not spanish speakers)
This is the third and last album by this trio , who has now become a quartet due to the inclusion of guitar virtuoso Tomas Gubitsch.When listening to Spinetta's albums lyrics are a very important aspect so probably non spanish speakers won't be able to appreciate this at first , specially with this album that manages to build a very prominent porteño feel (by the way porteños are the citizens of Buenos Aires).

That being said , the album is mainly a blend of rock , jazz and tango. You can appreciate that due to the work of guest mucisians like bandeonists Juan Jose Mosalini and Rodolfo Mederos.If I were asked about the album's standout tracks I would say that they are the opener El anillo del Capitan Beto , whose lyrics are about the loliness a common man who was a bus driver feels when he is put on a space voyage , reminding his relatives and little every day stuff that he misses so much.

The other standout tracks are Los libros de la buena memoria and the instrumental Alarma entre los Angeles.Lastly I'll add that this album is a landmark in argentinian and latin american progressive music and deserves to be listened by every fan.



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