Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hopney - 1977 - Cosmic Rockout

Cosmic Rockout

01. Long Ago Far Away    
02. Another Goudy Night    
03. Down For The Count    
04. I Must Get Thru    
05. Don't Say No    
06. Hey Girl    
07. Love Trop    
08. No Particular Home    
09. Is There A Doctor In The House    
10. I Can't Stop Now

 Cosmic Rockout CD. Rare 1977 US guitar psych album from Florida that was produced by Mike Pinera of Blues Image and Iron Butterly fame. Featuring some cool fuzz guitar work with melodic vocals this is reminiscent of Jeff Liberman with plenty of free flowing Hendrixy guitar work and a cool '70's funky vibe. Originals on the Illusion label are scarce and expensive

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