Monday, February 23, 2015

Guru Guru - 2011 - Live In Germany '71

Guru Guru
Live In Germany '71

01. Der LSD-Marsch (23:31)
02. Bo Diddley (22:20)
03. Spaceship (15:46)

- Ax Genrich / guitars
- Mani Neumaier / drums
- Hans Hartmann / bass

This is the latest posthumous release from GURU GURU and it's a great one. After two incredible studio albums in "UFO" and "Hinten" this live performance was recorded professionally by Radio Bremen in Germany on September 12,1971. So excellent sound quality here plus we get three long tracks which total in over an hour of music. The packaging for this one includes a balloon and a button. I've already got the button on my jacket. It looks like a Coca Cola bottle cap except of course it says Guru Guru. And things do go better with GURU GURU if you know what I mean.

"Der LSD-Marsch" is experimental and spacey to start then a beat comes in after 1 1/2 minutes as the crowd cheers.The guitar starts to make some noise. Nice. Vocals 3 1/2 minutes in then the tempo picks up. It settles back before 8 minutes then Mani puts on a show. The guitar is back 10 1/2 minutes in. They're jamming now. The guitar lights it up after 16 minutes. It settles again and vocals arrive before 18 minutes. It picks up again 19 1/2 minutes in with some excellent guitar. The guitar is now ripping it up before 22 minutes.

"Bo Diddley" is next and after speaking Bo Diddley's name several times they settle into a heavy jam. Bo's name is repeated again around 6 minutes and then again around 12 1/2 minutes. Later the tempo picks up to a crazy speed then we get a calm with experimental sounds. A beat starts up before 21 minutes as the sound builds. "Spaceship" is spacey to start then a beat arrives before 3 minutes. Vocal expressions after 4 minutes then the guitar begins to solo. A calm 5 1/2 minutes in as it turns spacey and experimental once again. It starts to pick up again before 11 minutes. Nice. It's insane with screaming guitar later on.

This is a keeper folks, and if your into GURU GURU's first two albums you'll definitely dig this one.