Monday, February 23, 2015

Guru Guru - 2002 - Essen 1970

Guru Guru
Essen 1970

01. Stone in (12:00)
02. Der LSD Marsch (14:22)
03. Bo Diddley (11:27)

- Ax Genrich / guitar
- Mani Neumeier / vocal, drums
- Uli Trepte / bass, vocal

Outstanding live from Guru Guru's first line up. The album features three long "stoned" heavy compositions taken from their two first "UFO" and "Hinten". Mostly instrumental with incredibly great rockin sections. The guitars are really powerful, heavy, sometimes bluesy but with an emphasis on distorted, deranged textures. This rather loudy jam session is punctuated by a few "archaic" electronic treatments and a great dose of "multi-guitar effects", providing a nice "cosmic" tendence to the ensemble. The heavy psychedelic improvisations can without reserve be compared with Agitation Free's most memorable live performances; an inventive and freak'n roll electro-shock that can reaches you into an other galaxy. The set starts with the kraut-slowing heavy hymn "Stone in", carries on "Der LSD march" and the humorous, strange & delirious "Bo Diddley". A ecclectic and electrip improvised musical session! good-going to an "acid" test.