Monday, February 23, 2015

Guru Guru - 1977 - Globetrotter

Guru Guru

01. Rolling through the City (4:30)
02. I'm Rreally in to Rock'n Roll Man (4:03)
03. Moroso (4:11)
04. When the Light go out (3:42)
05. Da wee (5:12)
06. May Dream (4:03)
07. Simba Ku Limba (3:20)
08. Globetrotter (7:18)

- Mani Neuemeier / drums
- Roland Schäfer / guitar
- Jogi Karpenkel / bass
- Helmut Hattler / electric bass
- Ingo Bischoff / piano
- Tommy Goldschmidt / congas
- Sepp Jandrisitz / guitar
- Peter Kühmstedt / bass

 "Globetrotter" is an excellent album of jazz-rock period of GURU GURU, and it is almost without flaw. Music and arrangements are similar to that of "Tango Fango", minus unnecessary experimentation and tango/bossa nova silliness. The whole album is much more developed and consistent. It is very song- oriented and sometimes even radio-friendly but that only means it is more accessible than some earlier "experimental" nonsense. The title track with crazy instrumental announcements and "Moroso" are highlights, but the album can be seriously taken as a whole and heard several times in a row. Provided you are into this type of fusion music with some typical Krautrock weirdness.



  2. Did you write that review? Weird to see you knocking "experimental nonsense" from classic-period Guru Guru! I surely can not agree with that.

    1. Somedays Im up for it, others Im ot...apparently I was having a bad

  3. Realmente muy agradecido por este disco y por muchos de los demás que
    Usted postea para nosotros;

    Pero no muy de acuerdo con sus comentarios.

    Experimentación innecesaria y tonterías de tango/bossa nova.
    “ Palabras muy pretenciosas de su parte ” tomando en cuenta
    la idea musical de la época, donde todo era “ Experimental ”
    en la Musica del Rock Progresivo o / Krautrock./Jazz etc..

    1. Son tonterias, muy humoristicas y me gustan como estan, pero siguen siendo pequenias tonterias musicales, sublimes tonterias... no fue en sentido peyorativo... silly... like MOnty Python can also be silly but I would not want to have it any other way. maybe something got lost in your translation software... I also find it silly that I cant even address you by a

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