Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gila - 1971 - Free Electric Sound

Free Electric Sound

01. Aggression (4:33)
02. Kommunikation (12:47)
03. Kollaps (5:30)
04. Kontakt (4:30)
05. Kollektivitat (6:40)
06. Individualitat (3:36)

- Daniel Alluno / drums, bongos, tabla
- Fritz Scheyhing / organ, Mellotron, percussion, electronics
- Conny Veit / guitars, voice, tabla, electronics
- Walter Wiederkehr / bass

This band was from Stuttgart and managed just two studio albums before splitting. Their guitarist leader Conny Veit will be known latter as collaborator of both POPOL VUH and GURU GURU, but this is another story.

Their first highly ambitious album - and one of the more important albums to come out of Western Germany - had a very odd concept to reflect the group's progression from aggression to communication. Quite a bloody program and I can assure you that they succeed quite well. The music on their debut runs continuously through the tracks is very trippy and atmospheric but not space rock either, In that regard , one thinks of PINK FLOYD. Their second album is very different and depicts the last and worst Indian massacre (native Americans) back in the early 70's.. The live album is posthumous but worthy of them.

In spite of their short discography, GILA is a very important group in the history of Krautrock and highly recommended to anyone looking for adventurous music.

Here's a long time krautrock classic. Gila impress us with a dynamic, intense and imaginative communication between spacey rock improvisations, lengthy psych guitar solos accompanied by luminous electric organ chords. "Agression" is a cosmic krautrock jamming, strictly instrumental (as the rest of the album), dominated by subtle and technical guitar / organ combinations. "Kollaps" is a dark and creepy instrumental piece with moody organ parts and weird, plaintive noises. "Kontact" starts with a variation of different sound collages to finally turn into an acoustic, folk guitar trip with an obvious "eastern" flavour. The track directly carries on "Kollektivitt" for a full-on guitar / organ jam with some folky, mellow accents. "Individualitat" is a strong hypnotic-tribal jam for percussions and guitar experimentations. A serious, intricate mixture between free rock, spacey-psych effects and discreet eastern influences. A must for fans of Agitation Free