Sunday, February 8, 2015

Freeborne - 1968 - Peak Impressions

Peak Impressions

01. Images 3:38
02. Land of Diana 2:56
03. Visions of My Own 4:10
04. Sadly Acknowledged 1:27
05. Peak Impressions & Thoughts 6:45
06. Yellow Sky 2:19
07. Hurtin' Kind of Woman 4:18
08. Inside People 2:46
09. A New Song for Orestes 3:32
10. But I Must Return to Frenzy 8:55

Nick Carstoiu - Vocal, Guitar, Recorder, Cello, Piano
Dave Codd - Vocal, Recorder, Harpsichord, Percussion, Bass
Mike Spiros - Organ, Piano, Chimes, Belltree, Trumpet, Percussion
Bob Margolin - Lead Guitar
Lew Lipson - Drums, Percussion

The Freeborne were a youthful Boston-based psych outfit whose five members, despite their tender years, all had considerable experience of playing a wide range of styles in earlier combos. Adapting their name from the movie "Born Free"  and discovering the freewheeling creative delights of LSD, they signed to Monitor in early ’67 and release their sole album "Peak Impressions".
The Freeborne's sole album is, in common with the mildly better-known '60s Boston psychedelic bands who comprised the Bosstown Sound, something of a goulash of then-trendy underground rock crosscurrents.
It's embroidered by novel use of recorder, cello, harpsichord, and trumpet from time to time, though electric organ in the mood of the Doors or Country Joe & the Fish is more prominent, as is California psychedelia-influenced guitar.  

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