Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flying Island - 1976 - Another Kind Of Space

Flying Island 
Another Kind Of Space

01. Star Dance
02. Dandelion Wine
03. Huh!
04. The Whole Family Would Like This
05. Radiant Point
06. Isolation
07. Through the Four Doors
08. The Vision and the Voice

Drums, Percussion – Bill Bacon
Electric Bass – Thom Preli
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Clavinet, Trumpet, Organ, Synthesizer [Arp 2600] – Jeff Bova
Engineer – Jeff Zaraya
Guitar – Ray Smith
Violin [Electric] – Faith Fraioli

When I think of Flying Island, I tend to categorize them as a fusion band. But this listen to both albums proved to me that's not really the case. Even though there's a little funky business (especially on the debut), I would say that Flying Island are more of an instrumental progressive rock band. The lead instruments are violin, guitar and organ, and this is definitely no chops fest. Compositions are first and foremost, while instrumental dexterity backs up the highly melodic, but complex music charts. The violin in particular will remind the listener of Curved Air and Darryl Way's Wolf. Instantly recognizable cover art, another fine trademark of the Vanguard label. I miss the days when a label could be identified in this way.

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