Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flight - 1976 - Incredible Journey

Incredible Journey

01. Music Is (6:50)
02. 1929 (5:45)
03. First Impression (3:40)
04. Mystery Man (3:25)
05. 2003 (5:50)
06. Visions Of A Dream (3:50)
07. The Sands Of Time (4:30)
08. Rock 'N' Roll Star (3:52)

- John Ray / bass
- Ted Karczewski / guitar
- Russell A. Dawber, Jr. / drums, percussion
- Jim Michael "Fizzwah" Yaeger / keyboards
- Pat Vidas / vocals, trumpet

This obscure album cut straight to the chase with "Music Is", a hyperactive jazz-rock/ sympho-rock hybrid, buzzing around at formidable speed. "1929" didn't ease off, practically remaining a jazz-sympho rock paroxysm. Ditto for "First Impression", that felt as if hopping along an amphetamine-fueled Chicago and Boston in a a roller-coaster ride of dizzying speed, and later starring in a jarring music-hall in "Mystery Man". The density was such, that it reminded of Miles Davis' On The Corner, or of a steroid-driven version of Curved Air's "Over & Above" and Clearlight's rock-operas. Side-two eased the tension a bit, resorting more to multi-layering of symphonic pomp ("2003"), jazz doodling ("Visions Of A Dream"), and even a bit of dreamy lounge ("The Sands Of Time"). But side one was a joy to behold.

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