Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flight - 1975 - Flight


01. In Flight (4:48)
02. Make A Miracle (3:45)
03. Let's Fly Away (3:53)
04. Latin Dippy Doo (9:20)
05. Rhapsody To You (7:50)
06. Falling In Love (3:38)
07. Ease Of Confusion (3:08)
08. Theme To The Stratosphere (9:01)

- John Ray / bass
- Ted Karczewski / guitar
- Russell A. Dawber, Jr. / drums, percussion
- Jim Michael "Fizzwah" Yaeger / keyboards
- Pat Vidas / vocals, trumpet

FLIGHT was an eclectic jazz rock band from Florida led by American musician Pat VIDAS in the late 70's. They released three albums where the first two are an exceptional mixture of jazz rock with some symphonic influences. VIDAS was the very prominent and playful lead vocalist who also played brass instruments, which made FLIGHT sound not like a regular fusion band, but more like brass rock of CHICAGO inspired by EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER or even GENTLE GIANT, so their albums can be recommended to all who love very technical but at the same time accessible music.

 Magnificent US prog band,recording and performing between mid-70's and early 80's.They recorded three albums as far as I am concerned:''Flight'' (1975),''Incredible journey'' (1976) and ''Excursion beyond'' (1980).The first two are considered as one of the best examples of artistic progressive jazz rock,the latest is said to be in a much more commercial vein.The one I can talk about is their self-titled debut,featuring Pat Vidas on trumpets/vocals,Jim Michael Yaeger on keyboards,John Ray on acoustic & electric basses,Russell Dawber on drums and Ted Karczewski on electric and acoustic guitars.

This one is progressive jazz rock at its best for sure.Compositions are really fast,complex and intricate,offering tons of adventuruous interplays and a very rich sound.However,FLIGHT are not your average band,delivering long improvisated parts or jam sections.The compositions are mainly short with a great developing structure and also featuring often humurous vocals of somekind of late-60's pop style.Pat Vidas present a wide variety of catchy trumpet parts,supported by great electric piano,moog synths and a touch of mellotron and even some fantrastic solos by guitarist Ted Karczewski.The funky bass lines of John Ray try to create a more relaxed atmosphere...but instrumental parts are trully mind-blowing,reminding me of GENTLE GIANT and actually if you can imagine a cross between GG and NUCLEUS you are very close to FLIGHT's unique sound.Energetic brass rock in battle with complicated jazzy prog with also some hints of classic progressive rock.

This band deserves a lot more than this limited fame they earned.A must-have for ages, certainly highly recommended.



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