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Fläsket Brinner - 2003 - The Swedish Radio Recordings

Fläsket Brinner 
The Swedish Radio Recordings

Studio 4, Radiohuset, Stockholm, October 26, 1970
101. Mäster Beautiful (9:59)
102. Bosses Låt (11:47)
103. Gunnars Dilemma & Tysta Finskan & Virgo2 (15:20)
104. Telegram Från En Bombad By (4:40)
105. Gulan (7:41)

Swedish Radio Studio, Gothenburg, November 9, 1971
201. Jätten Feeling (7:37)
202. Sluttningar (Lek I Nedförsbacke) (7:13)
203. Batum (4:01)
204. Storstad (5:50)
205. Sonic ReEntry (1:17)
206. Turkish Lullaby (11:59)
207. Tamzara (3:17)

Studio 4, Radiohuset, Stockholm, December 13, 1971

301. Jätten Feeling (6:14)
302. Storstad (4:42)
303. Sonik ReEnry (1:10)
304. Wild Thing (5:18)
305. Samba Martinez (8:52)
306. Ball På Bali & Erik Luras (9:55)
307. Bullen & Erik Luras Igen (14:38)
308. Turkish Lullaby (7:13)
309. Lothlorien & Elidor & Bengans Boogie (5:26)
310. Gånglåten (9:36)
311. Red River Rock (3:32)

Studio 7, Radiohuset, Stockholm, October 22, 1975

401. Aquarius (9:52)
402. Grasse (9:15)
403. Kinaspel (12:14)
404. Barbarella (3:07)
405. La Resa Dei Conti (5:18)

- Bengt Dahlén / Guitar
- Bill Öhrström / Congas
- Bo Hansson / Organ
- Bobo Stenson / Fender Rhodes piano
- Bosse Skoglund / Drums
- Erik Dahlbäck / Drums
- Gunnar Bergsten / Saxofon
- Jan Ternald / El-piano
- Per Bruun / Bass
- Sebastian Öberg / El-mandolin
- Sten Bergman / Organ

This is a four disc set featuring four seperate radio broadcasts that FLASKET BRINNER did in their homeland of Sweden from 1970-1975. I first became aware of this band when I read that ANEKDOTEN listed them as an influence, and I must say that I can hear why, I really enjoy this jamming style of music.This is beautifully packaged in a long-digibox format with almost 100 photos of the band over the years and a very detailed story of their beginnings right through to their breakup.There really was three classic lineups of this band including one with Bo Hansson on organ and the final one with two members of ALGARNAS TRADGARD on board. I would describe the music as jam-like with the sax, electric piano, flute and guitar taking turns leading.
Disc One was recorded at Studio 4, Radiohuset in Stockholm, October 26th,1970. It begins with Sten inviting the audience to "feel free to take off your clothes if you like to" before the music kicks in with "Master Beautiful" a trippy and laid back number. Flute, guitar,s ax and organ each lead. "Bosses Lat" is a Bo Hansson tune and has beeen recorded three times by the band. "Gunners Dilema..." was inspired by both THE WHO and Frank Zappa. It was their only tune top receive significant airplay.

Disc two is from Swedish Radio Studio in Gothenburg, November 9th,1971.The lineup is increased from 5 to 6 here including Bo Hansson on Hammond organ and Bobo Stenson on Fender Rhodes. Sten has left (probably that "take off your clothes" comment from a year earlier). Kidding ! We get a "Lord Of The Rings" (Hansson) medley as well as a song "Storstad" that would later become the first two parts of that track on Hansson's "Magician's Hat" album.

Disc Three is from Studio 4, Radiohuset, Stockholm in December 13th,1971 with the same lineup as the last live sessions. Interestingly enough they do a cover of THE TROGGS "Wild Thing".They slow it down and do use vocals.This was the only single released by the band but it was banned by Swedish radio for including the line "so [%*!#]ing groovy". Bastards ! "Samba Martinez" by Bo hansson became part three of his "Storstad" suite. "Lothlorien" is from "Lord Of The Rings" (Bo Hansson).

Disc Four is from Studio 7, Radiohuset, Stockholm on October 22nd 1975.This is the only disc with mellotron thanks to Jan from ALGARNAS TRADGARD. We get it on three of the five tracks."Acquarius" is very spacey with mellotron that goes on until after 4 minutes when a beat then flute joins in. Cool song. "Grasse" sounds amazing when they begin to jam.

Overall a great addition to anyone's collection and a must for fans of trippy, jamming music.