Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Faine Jade - 1968 - Introspection A Faine Jade Recital

Faine Jade
Introspection A Faine Jade Recital

01. Tune Up – 0:23
02. Dr. Paul Overture – 2:43
03. People Games Play – 4:15
04. Cold Winter Sun Symphony In D Major – 3:14
05. I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday – 2:34
06. Ballad Of The Bad Guys – 4:27
07. Piano Interlude – 1:38
08. Introspection – 3:38
09. A Brand New Groove – 3:10
10. On The Inside There's A Middle – 5:39
11. Don't Hassle Me – 2:47
12. Grand Finale (Don't Hassle Me Part 2) – 5:33
13. Stand Together In The End (Or ''Theme From An Imaginary Beatles Reunion'' Or ''Woodstock Reprise'') – 4:27
14. Dr. Paul (Demo, Previously Unreleased, 1967) – 3:26
15. People Games Play (Previously Unreleased, 1967) – 3:43
16. Don't Hassle Me (Previously Unreleased, 1967) – 6:00


*Faine Jade - 12-String Hagstrum Solid Body Electric, Rhythm Guitar
*Nick Manzi - Guild Starfire Solid Body Electric, Lead Guitar
*Brian Cooke - Piano, Farfisa Organ, Hammond B-3, Keyboards
*Victor Muglia - Fender Electric, Bass Guitar
*Randy Skrha - Drums, Tamborine, Bongos, Percussion
*Bruce Bradt - Keyboards
*Kevin Chase - Electric Guitar

Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital is the First and Only Album by the American Psychedelic-Rock Musician Faine Jade.
As much as it may look, Faine Jade is not a Band. Faine Jade is the name (I'm guessing the Artistic Name, but you never know) of a Long Island Singer and Guitarist who started playing in the Mid-60's with a Band called The Rustics, with whom he released a Single. In 1967 he released a Single on his own (available on a Compilation Album) followed in 1968 by one of the rarest LP's released on the Decade. Faine Jade is often seen as the American version of Syd Barrett. The weirdness and Mysticism of the Lyrics along with the similar Sounds to Pink Floyd's The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn are used to best describe the work of Faine. Needless to say his Album, released on a small Label failed to make the slightest of the impacts, remaining unheard of until an unauthorized version of it was released in the 80's. Sundazed however has taken upon themselves the Task to re-release it with an interview of him and some very rare Photos from the time the Record was being recorded.
Best Tracks - “Doctor Paul Overture”, “People Games Play”, “Cold Winter Sun”, “I Lived Tomorrow”, “Ballad Of The Bad Guys”, “In A Brand New Groove”, “On The Inside” and “Don't Hassle Me”. An original is worth a lot of money nowadays, as the number of copies of it is very, very small. While the cover is very uninviting, the content is sure worth the time spent on it. Great Psychedelic Songs.



    1. You have the wrong personnel for "Introspection." You listed the personnel for another Faine Jade LP as being on "Introspection." I'm Randy Skrha--the only drummer on "Introspection."

    2. You are absolutely right... I copied the credits from somewhere online to save time, and didnt double check against the data on my cd... fixed... thanks for pointing it out...