Sunday, February 8, 2015

Désirée - 1976 - Make It With A Smile

Make It With A Smile

01 Listen To The Radio
02 Death of a Little Boy
03 I Am Waiting
04 Darling's Lost Me
05 Sister Of Sea
06 Have You Seen The Rainbow
07 Woman

- Volker Cramer (acc-guitar, lead-guitar, vocals)
- Wolfgang Frauberg (acc-guitar, lead-guitar, vocals)
- Lother Muhleis (Vocal)
- Hugo Steger (drums, piano, vocals)
- Dirk Wulf (bass, vocals)

German group who released this very American sounding hard rock album with inventive song structures, tricky meters and high pitched underground vocals. Could have easily been from Michigan, Ohio or Indiana and you'd never know. For mainstream references, early Rush or "Give Us a Wink" era Sweet wouldn't take you too far astray. Exceptional guitar work here. Good record

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