Sunday, February 8, 2015

Demon Thor - 1973 - Written In The Sky

Demon Thor
Written In The Sky

01. Written In The Sky    
02. Pink Mary    
03. For One Little Moment    
04. Good Morning    
05. Sweet Caroline    

Drums – Claude Thoman
Electric Piano – Veit Marvos
Narrator – Gita Walter
Organ – Stefan Nuesch
Synthesizer – Veit Marvos
Vocals – Geff Harrison, Tommy Fortman
Vocals – Oliver Freytag, Peter Bischof

Recorded at Studio Dierks, Stommeln.
Originally released in 1973 on United Artists Records

Demon Thor are often listed as being German (Munich, specifically), though I believe I'm correct in saying the band were actually an Anglo-Swiss effort, with two British members in Tommy Fortman and Geoff Harrison. Written in the Sky (which appeared in 1973), is one of the most weirdly schizophrenic records I've heard in a while, viz side one's side-long title track, which is a full-on heavy prog effort, smothered in Mellotron, while most of side two is workaday boogie, aside from one vaguely folky track in Good Morning.

Stephen Nuesch plays most of the keys, with the exception of piano, handled by Tommy Fortman. You'll be unsurprised to hear that the only Mellotron to be heard is on Written In The Sky itself, but it's a bit of a monster, loaded with strings, brass, cellos and choir - oh, and flutes later on. This is serious stuff, making it all the worse that it's let down so badly by the rest of the album.

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