Monday, February 9, 2015

Da Kingfish Band - 1975 - Tennessee Feeling

Da Kingfish Band
Tennessee Feeling

01. Wasting My Time
02. Fall Off My Wall
03. It's Alright with Me
04. No Good Woman
05. It must be jelly (Cause Jam Don't Shake That way)
06. Surprise Surprise
07. Hillbilly Woman
08. Tennessee Feeling

Brian mcMahan: Bass
Kenny Kuhn: Guitar, Vocals
Phillip Nivens: Keyboards
Terry Manners: Drums

Here is my buddy's nice review from legendary "Acid Sanctuary" chat group in 2006. ..."A four piece band (keyboards, guitar, bass & drums) unleash a strange concoction of countrified rock with lethal doses of keyboard fueled vibes of "contrifried prog-rock." From the looks of these guys, it
appears to me that their favorite hobbies were staying stoned, making trouble, ducking buckshot from the 12 gauge shotgun of angry fathers and dodging John Law. With regard to their music, it's obvious by the second song on side one that the keyboard player is the leader of the band as his blend of organ (mostly B-3) and synthesizer usually lead the way on most songs. The guitarist shares a few leads with the keyboards but for the most part he's regulated to providing rhythm guitar. The bass & drums provide a solid bottom and their style reflects their rural roots. A couple songs have synthesizer overkill that was common during the mid seventies ala Styx sans the horrible vocals.

About 12 years ago (*note, now 17 years ago as he wrote this review in 2006), a rumor was floating around the Austin Record Show that Da Kingfish Band should be on the top of everyone's want list providing you could find a copy -- some suspected it was bullshit and the record didn't even exist. It remained a mystery for a couple of years until who else but Rich H. finds a copy, which is the one I have in my possession. Rich did contact band members for copies of the record but his efforts were fruitless. I've never seen another copy but heard one other collector does have a copy stashed away in his collection. It's definitely rare

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