Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crack - 1976 - Day of Doom

Day of Doom

01. Early Riser - 4:17
02. The Sailor Song - 6:14
03. Evil and Cruel - 5:31
04. Day of Doom - 4:54
05. Andrea - 2:21
06. Earth - 4:06
07. Me and My Momma - 2:37
08. The Brighter Side - 3:08

*Andrea Borega - Lead Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion,
*Darryl Kaye - Backing Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Harp

Not to be confused with the Spanish band of the same name, this one is a complete US oddity out of the 70's dusted archives, which released its only album on the obscure, short-lived Tiger Lily label, specialized in demo recordings of unknown artists.Crack were basically only two persons, Andrea Borega on lead vocals, synth and percussion and Darryl Kaye on backing vocals, flute, guitar, bass and harp, whose real names as listed on the notes are rather questionable.One Ben Rizzi was the sound engineer of the obscure ''Day of doom'' album, released in 1976.

First impression after some listenings is that this album seems to go nowhere, lacking any kind of cohesion or strong identity.It is basically a Psychedelic Rock album, which is showered by so many different influences that noone knows which was the goal of the duo.Some tracks are completely dated, featuring bluesy inspirations on the guitar parts and even some harmonica solos, supported by cliche powerful voices.A pair of other pieces flirt strongly with the style of JETHRO TULL, mixing heavier guitar grooves with sharp flute solos.The list continues.Funky and Fusion vibes appear in ''Evil and cruel'' and the self-titled track, which even have an AOR vibe, led by clavinet, flutes and melodic guitars.''Earth'' follows a much more symphonic/orchestral vein, a bit similar to BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, with flowing piano lines, delicate flutes and some jazzy guitar soloing, while the shorter cuts contain obvious rural/Country influences.The farewell ''The brighter side'' is an unsuccesful attempt on mellow Jazz- and Classical-inspired arrangements, headed by something sounding like a harsichord, with a totally amateur sound and a bad recording quality.

The Radioactive Records reissue didn't throw any light on the bio of this cult act.Average and at moments amateur Psych/Art Rock with some decent instrumental parts, failing down the line next to the best groups of the style.

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