Saturday, February 7, 2015

Christian Escoudé & Jean-Charles Capon - 1980 - Gousti

Christian Escoudé & Jean-Charles Capon

01. Gousti   
02. Cher Stéphane   
03. Affamé A Niamey   
04. Folie Douce   
05. Astarté   
06. Tout Nu A Donau   
07. Acres One   
08. Gondwana   

Cello – Jean-Charles Capon
Guitar, Electric Guitar – Christian Escoudé

This album features more of the gypsy guitarwork of Escoude and less of the avant-garde / free jazz that Capon (and his bandmates in Confluence) seemed so enamoured of.  Yet, straddling that humongous, almost Bering-straits-like 1980 divide between good music and garbage, it is so interesting to hear the changes between the two continents, never the twain shall meet.   Having said that, the Capon track "Astarte" is a dead ringer for a Confluence track,

There are quite a few others that will make you, if they did me, quite nostalgic for the seventies obsession with utter artistic beauty...

With regards to the last track, called Gondwana (really it should be Gondwanaland), I was quite amused on reading recent geology tomes that the supercontinent Pangaea (which united all continents some 250 million years ago, just before the age of the dinosaurs) will be reunited again, some 200 million years from now, when the continents now so clearly widespread on the globe return together again, and that this is a long-scale cycling activity, with a period of about half a billion years-- yet when that occurs no human being will be alive to see it... what will be the dominant lifeform then? insects? birds? some variety of rats' and pigeons' descendants, or the children of cockroaches, possibly become intelligent again?  Unfortunately they will not be able to avail themselves of precious metals, rare earths, iron, or fossil fuels, since humanity will have used those up in the process of its inevitable extinction...
It's so fun to imagine what the earth will see, so many millions of years from now...  One thing I do know: it will no longer bear witness to this music, since even today there are so few who do.



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