Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bunalim - 1971 - Bunalim


01 Basak Saçlim 2:58
02 Hele Hele Gel 2:44
03 Bunalim 3:32
04 Tas Var Köpek Yok 3:56
05 Yollar 2:48
06 Yeter Artik Kadin 3:23
07 Bir Dünya da Bana Ver 3:48
08 Kinali Gelin 3:47
09 Bir Yar Için 2:41
10 Ask Senin Bildigin Gibi Degil 3:45
11 Ayrilik Olmasaydi 3:31
12 Güzel 2:56

Ayet Aydin Çakus (guitar, vocals)
Ahmet Güvenç (bass)
Hüseyin Sultanoglu (drums)

One of the most mazing Turkish music ever recorded, wild, raw and with fuzz guitar all over. Still even for most Turkish collector a kept secret. BUNALIM released on 6 singles which are incredible rare. They never did a whole album. Produced by Cem Karaca. They say about the band: "God, they were crazy!  Running all nude down the Istiklal Street, psychedelic light shows, crazy paintings all over the stage wall and screaming of "LSD!  LSD!" in their live shows".

Most Turkish prog and/or psych bands from the early 70's followed a similar pattern in that they seemed to want to play, and indoctrinate their audiences with, some of the fabulous progressive sounds coming out of the West. At the same time, they were compelled to give a tip of the hat to their native roots, perhaps in an effort to not alienate their fellow countrymen (not to mention the record label brass), by including a modicum of ethnic pop along with this harder material. This compilation CD collects tracks from across their brief career, spanning the years 1969~72, and fits the pattern above. All Turkish vocals, set on top of some heavy, psych flavored prog hard rock, with fuzz guitar, mixed with the obligatory ethnic pop. Tracks such as number 4, and number 6 are extraordinary, while four others get B+'s, and two more get B's. They don't appear to have ever released an LP, just three singles, all of which are included here, so this seems to be the best way to round up what's out there. A four page booklet gives history and pics. Recommended

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