Saturday, February 21, 2015

Atlantic Ocean - 1970 - Tranquility Bay

Atlantic Ocean 
Tranquility Bay

01. What Is The Time
02. Take A Look Around You
03. The Critics
04. Soft Björn (inc. I Was Born)
05. Able Baker Charlie Dog
06. Can't You Hear Them Shooting
07. Very Special Dream
08. Relapse (inc. United Fruit)
09. Weather inc. Snow, Wind, Sun

Björn J:son Lindh Flute, Saxophon, Viloin
Greg Fitzpatrick Bass, Guitar, Piano
Göran Ahlin Guitar
Jan Bandel Drums
Johnny Mowinckel Electric Piano
Staffan Stenström Vocals Bass, Guitar
Sten Bergman Organ, Piano

A Swedish progressive rock band lead by Gregory Allan Fitzpatrick (b. 1945 in USA). The band was first called The Quints but they changed their name to Atlantic Ocean in 1968. Atlantic Ocean started to record their first album in 1969 and it was planned to be released on CBS, but the material was too experimental for CBS and Finnish label

Atlantic Ocean was formed by the ashes of the pop group Quints. That was the embryo to many popular swedish groups like Fläsket Brinner, Jason Fleece, Baltik, Handgjort. I think you know some of the members of the group they were Sten Bergman, Björn J:son Lindh, Jan Bandel, Johnny Mowinckel, Staffan Stenström, Göran Ahlin(Greg Fitzpatrick). When Greg first camed to Sweden he was asked to play with Hannson&Karlsson but he said no thanks and joined Quints. They later changed name to Atlantic Ocean in1967 and signed a contract with CBS in England. But CBS thougt they were to muddled and would not release their album. But the real explanation can be that the inner sleeve is decorate with pictures from the Vietnam war. So Greg takes the master tapes to Finland and relase the record on the Love label. The band disbanned when Greg went to Asia and one half become Fläsket Brinner and the other Jasons Fleece. When Greg then later returned he forms the hippie band Handgjort. Well this is a very peace love and understanding type of record. And the best track have to be the 19 min long track on the B-side. I can also recomend Sten Bergmans solo album very good folk and singer songwriter styled album.



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