Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aquelarre - 1974 - Brumas


01. Parte del día (6:09)
02. Silencio marginal (3:29)
03. Aniñada (3:53)
04. Brumas en la bruma (3:52)
05. Milagro de pueblo (8:07)
06. Aves rapaces (3:41)
07. Mirando adentro (5:56)

- Emilio del Güercio / bass, vocals
- Héctor Stark / guitar, vocals
- Hugo González Neira / keyboards, vocals
- Rodolfo Garcia / drums, vocals

In 1974 they released Brumas, their most popular LP. The album was previewed at the Coliseo Theatre in Buenos Aires, a concert I fondly remember.

Brumas is another great record. The most inspired moments are the beautiful "Brumas en la bruma" (with superb orchestral arrangements by Rodolfo Alchourrón), the complex "Milagro de pueblo", the alluring "Aves rapaces" and "Parte del día".

At this point, Aquelarre toured feverishly through the country, motivating young musicians to form their own new bands!

With great enthusiasm, Aquelarre recorded a fourth album and announced their desire to move to Spain in search of new boundaries. They said goodbye to the Argentine audience by playing three great farewell concerts at the Coliseo Theatre. In October 1975, Siesta was released, along with a 7" featuring a non-LP b-side. The album had a stronger symphonic style, with heavier use of keyboards and synthesizers.



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