Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aquelarre - 1973 - Candiles


01. Cruzando La Calle
02. Soplo Nuestro
03. Hermana Vereda
04. Cuentos Tristes
05. Miren A Este Imbécil
06. Patos Trastornados
07. Iluminen La Tierra

- Emilio del Güercio / bass, vocals
- Héctor Stark / guitar, vocals
- Hugo González Neira / keyboards, vocals
- Rodolfo Garcia / drums, vocals

Just four months after the first album, the group began the recording sessions for their second album: Candiles. The cover reproduced the painting "Aquelarre" by famed Spanish painter Francisco de Goya (1746-1828). It was another way to reflect the current political situation.

This great LP includes the energetic "Cruzando la calle", the soft melody of "Soplo nuestro", the rhythmic and changing "Hermana vereda" and the ballad "Cuentos tristes" (with Emilio on flute) on side A. Side B features the keyboard led with the guitar riff "Miren a este imbécil", the frantic instrumental "Patos trastornados" (with a great guitar performance) and the album's most inspired track: "Iluminen la tierra".

The music of Aquelarre was becoming much more progressive and melodic, moving somewhat away from rock. This sound would stabilise in their next album (for a new label), recorded with better production and instrumental resources.



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