Friday, February 6, 2015

Après la pluie - 1978 - La célèbre ascension abyssale de Joseph Celsius

Après la pluie
La célèbre ascension abyssale de Joseph Celsius

01. La Rue Basse   
02. Caca   
03. L'Habitude   
04. Celsius   
05. Ces Hommes Dont Je Suis   
06. Betement   
07. L'Administration Philomene   
08. L'Autre   
09. La Cene   
10. Le Cantonnier De Galaxie   
11. Le Petit Carnaval

Michel Correard: GUitars
Roger Lombardot: Mr. Celsius
Patrice Mendez: Guitars, Vocals
Marc Roux: Bass
Jo Ruggeri: Percussion
Christian Taurines: Keyboards, Sax, FLute

Roger LOMBARDOT, well known for having written the lyrics of one track ("Dignite") of ANGE's first album, wrote this album's lyrics. Here he makes a come back with a line up from Ardeche, signing the lyrics on this album which is halfway between political songs and theatrical rock with texts in the same vein as ANGE or MONA LISA.

Apparently this album is a full story represented in song. As such, it can be unbearably vocal heavy. Lead and sung by Roger Lombardot, the album on the surface at least, has some resemblance to Ange or Mona Lisa or perhaps even La Saga de Ragnar Lodbrock. In fact he wrote the lyrics for at least one Ange track, so the comparison is more than cursory. But the lack of instrumental breaks takes away any chance that non-French speakers will come out with anything but a Parisian Sunday-Morning-Comic-Book reading. Strangely enough, there is some mellotron interspersed that might endure the odd specialist to the album.

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