Thursday, February 19, 2015

Alain Markusfeld - 1978 - Platock

Alain Markusfeld

01. Fayava
02. L'Enrouleur De Galaxies
03. Automne Et Éternité
04. Platock Concerto:
- 1er Mouvement
- 2e Mouvement
- 3e Mouvement
- 4e Mouvement

- Alain Markusfeld / Acoustic and electric guitars, piano, hammond organ, harmonica, vocals
- Patricia Markusfeld / vocals
- Jean Schultheis / marimba, Tibetian and Chineese cimbals, darbouka, triangle

Here's this French master's fourth outing from eight years on and plying something far different from the counterculture carnival atmosphere of his debut, as aside from some assistance on marimbas, darboukas and Asian cymbals courtesy of one Jean Shultheis and a bit of vocalizing from his wife Patricia Markusfed, the majority of this is Markusfeld out on his own. Working a scintillating seam largely hewn from plangent and kaleidoscopically intricate meshings of acoustic/electric guitar filigree, the vibe here has something of both Phil Manzanera circa Primitive Guitars and the acoustic folkloric eccentricity of Quebec's Conventum, though imbued with some of the airy and dewy eyed upfulness of his countrymen in Total Issue.



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