Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangerine Dream - 1982 - White Eagle

Tangerine Dream 
White Eagle

01. Mojave Plan (19:55)
02. Midnight In Tula (3:52)
03. Convention Of The 24 (9:27)
04. White Eagle (4:30)

Total Time: 37:44
The track »White Eagle« was used for a German TV action series (Tatort: Das Mädchen auf der Treppe) and became TD's first hit single. »Mojave Plan« was performed by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

- Edgar Froese / keyboards
- Chris Franke / keyboards
- Johannes Schmoelling / keyboards

 The concept of great TD album is there: one gets the side long "Mojave Plan" as an introduction but the comparison stops here. Don't expect anything à la "Phaedra" or alike because you might be disappointed.
The band has evolved (which is per se not a bad thing) towards a more synthetic music, less spacey and more "dehumanized" according my standards (whatever it might mean in TD's music). But there are plenty of joyful moments as well to be expected from this long piece of music: harmony, beauty and diversity (yes!). Good synth vibes and keys maestria are the ingredients.

And it works pretty well to be honest provided that you are keen to listen to these more "aggressive" sounds.

I have a kind emotion for "Midnight in Tula". But this is pure sentimentalism. This archaeological Mexican site resides in the vicinity of my wife's native town of Pachuca. To be in front of these "giants" statues is quite indescribable. But the title is maybe more related to the "Thule" myth, I don't know. In terms of music though, it can't really be considered as a great TD moment.

The second pleasant moment is "Convention of the 24". Almost ten minutes of "conventional" TD music like one is glad to listen to. More spacey, more beauty, more ...TD? Yes, probably.

In all, this is another good album released by the band. But to be honest, they haven't released a bad one so far (even if "Cyclone" was close). The good (but short) title track is another peaceful and so enjoyable moment of music. Really, really good.