Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangerine Dream - 1982 - Logos Live

Tangerine Dream
Logos Live

01. Logos (45:06)
02. Dominion (5:44)

Total Time: 50:50

On the original LP, "Logos" was split into two parts of course:

Part 1: 25'38"
Part 2: 19'29"

- Edgar Froese / keyboards
- Chris Franke / keyboards
- Johannes Schmoelling / keyboards

By this part of their career the band have probably got bored with doing their atmospheric Space/Psychedelic approach. "Logos" still represents long tracks, but more rhythmic and straightforward than their early works. Comparisons with "Tangram" and "Force Majeure" spring to mind here.

The first two tracks represent an approach of "tension and release", something that Fripp was very good at some stage. Musically however, they are rather different. Building slowly - as TD are undisputed masters of in general - till the unexpected, bombastic finale. Bombastic in a very pleasing, satisfying sense, reminiscent of "Beach Scene" from the album :Thief". Now, this is the TD approach that makes yours truly salivate over. Just brilliant!

The third and last track is a short and somewhat "poppy" one that wouldn't have been missed. The programmed drums lend it a cheap feel, but it's not really that bad after all. Over the years it grew on me to the point of enjoying it, still...



  2. Hi, thats great music, thank you very much for keeping it online