Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangerine Dream - 1977 - Encore

Tangerine Dream

01. Cherokee Lane (16:19)
02. Monolight (19:54)
03. Coldwater Canyon (18:06)
04. Desert Dream (17:30)

Total Time: 71:49
Double-Live-Album from the band's 77 USA-Tour which included such famous places as the Greek Theatre in L.A. and the Avery Fisher Hall in New York. On this tour the audience could enjoy a lasershow on the road for the first time.

- Edgar Froese / guitars, keyboards
- Christoph Franke / keyboards
- Peter Baumann / keyboards

Encore ends the collaboration with Peter Baumann in a big way. It's a very consistent live double album compiled from the 77 USA tour and contains, apart from a few improvisations around Sorcerer and Stratosfear themes, new tracks only.
I have heard some of the live bootlegs from that tour and can conclude that the versions here have been heavily edited and remixed. To good effect though. Tangerine Dream was a tight live unit but some concerts (or parts of it) wandered round in circles for quite some time before they really found their groove to trance to. So this album is an excellent, be it somewhat flattering, testimony of their live skills.

Cherokee Lane and Monolight come closest to their latest studio album Stratosfear. But the live performances are rougher and offer a lot more punch. Man it must have been quite an event to witness this, as can be heard clearly from the reactions of the audience during the first track.

While the first album is more accessible and direct, the second album contains the real gems to expand your TD collection. Coldwater Canyon is something entirely different from the Tangs. None of their studio albums offered so much guitar as this one does and I really dig it! Froese's improvisations have a very personal sound (I'd guess lots of flanger and wahwah) and are just astounding. On Desert Dream they explore their pink years again. But with the addition of a few short sequences and melodies it's made just a bit more digestible then the original hermetic pink years. With it's 70 minutes of excellent tracks, this album ends the years of the classic line-up on a high note.

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