Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangerine Dream - 1971 - Alpha Centauri

Tangerine Dream
Alpha Centauri

01. Sunrise In The Third System (4:20)
02. Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola (13:03)
03. Alpha Centauri (22:00)

- Edgar Froese / guitar, bass, organ, coffee machine
- Christoph Franke / percussion, Lotos flute, piano harp, zither, VCS 3 synth
- Steve Schroeder / Hammond and Farfasia organ
- Udo Dennenbourg / flute, words
- Roland Paulick / VCS 3 synth

Recorded at The Dierks Studios Stommelen / Köln.

"The Music Material Of This Album Was Felt By Tangerine Dream
This Album Is Dedicated To All People Who Feel Obliged To Space."

After their first experimental album, Tangerine Dream launched themselves in the "cosmic" course, using more and more electronic / keyboards equipments instead of standard electric instruments. "Alpha Centauri" marked a new step in TD career. With this album they started explorations in synthesisers sounds, expanding experiments in sonomontage and electronic collages. Absolutely not rhythmical orientated, the music which prevails is built around long epic meditative / incantatory suites made by electro acoustic structures, discreet electric guitar lines and acoustic elements (mainly the flute). There's only one short track, gradually combining vintage electric organ works to guitars, psychedelic flute lines and early analog instruments. Very suggestive and mentally abstract, this tune is followed by two epic compositions dominated by the same musical ingredients. The result is really hypnotising and cerebral. The music is long, indefinitely extended in time but completely captivating. The 22 minutes title track is incredibly spacey and a timeless experience. It brings your attention first to calm, strange electronic sounds and exotic flute variations, then it progressively reach you into a total amazing universe. You have the impression that you leave our current world. The sinister, haunted lament for several voices at the end of the tune closed this fantastic adventure. Highly recommended to stimulate the listener's imagination. The summit of the band and an uncompromising classic album.