Monday, January 26, 2015

Peter Baumann - 1983 - Strangers In The Night

Peter Baumann 
Strangers In The Night

01. Strangers in the Night
02. Metro Man
03. King of the Jungle
04. Be Mine
05. Time Machine
06. Taxi
07. Cash
08. Glass House
09. Ground Zero
10. Welcome

- Peter Baumann / synthesizers, keyboards

To modern ears this will sound quaint, but at the time it was innovative and interesting.  "Strangers in the Night" (Theme from the movie "A Man Could Get Killed") being of special note despite the heavy bass.  The album does not even just peter out leaving you asking what was that all about then?  Rather towards the end it gets more interesting so much so that you find yourself thinking is that it?  Great feeling of expectancy, especially with "Glass House".  A welcome slow tempo number that misses the criticism of being plodding  by a whisker!

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