Monday, January 26, 2015

Peter Baumann - 1979 - Trans Harmonic Nights

Peter Baumann 
Trans Harmonic Nights

01. This day (5:10)
02. White bench and black beach (5:30)
03. Chasing the dream (4:34)
04. Biking up the strand (2:26)
05. Phaseday (5:50)
06. Meridian Moorland (4:34)
07. The third Site (5:10)
08. Dance at dawn (4:02)

- Peter Baumann / synthesizers, keyboards
- Wolfgang Thierfeldt / drums
- W. Thierfeld / drums

On his second solo album, Baumann shows his cute sense for rhythm and playful melodies again. It still sounds very 1976 Tangerine Dream but at the same time it has learned a trick or two from the Kraftwerk synth pop sensibilities.

The opening This Day is a gentle piece that brings together Kraftwerk's minimalism, TD's melodious qualities and a hint of Schulze's lush textures. Also Chasing the Dream is a delightful and catchy tune. The next piece of note is Meridian Moorland which could have come right off TD's Stratosfear. The Third Site is the best track here, similar to Kraftwerk's minimal techno again but with more melody. Name it Kraftwerk for beginners.



  2. thanks mr drago 4 all the baumann