Monday, January 26, 2015

Klaus Schulze - 1980 - Live

Klaus Schulze 

101. Bellistique (21:20)
102. Sense (51:00)

201. Heart (30:53)
202. Dymagic (29:21)
203. Le Mans Au Premier (17:56)

- Klaus Schulze / keyboards

Guest musicians:
- Harald Grosskopf / drums on disc 1, track 2
- Arthur Brown / voice on disc 2, track 2

Ok, I think I don't share the other reviews, for me LIVE is one amazing photograph of SCHULZE in the seventies.

The first track, Bellistique starts with synthesizers and drum patterns, that come up stronger and stronger until the piece changes into something quieter and darker. Very good starter.

The second track, Sense, is a masterpiece of the Berlin School od Electronics, yes, the intervals of the main sequence don't change during the piece, but the secuence itself changes a lot in terms of intensity, volume, key, etc, creating lots of different soundscapes. The drums amplify the effect. The soloing is intense, it doesn't give you rest at all, it keeps going in time and in terms of melody it doesn't end, so it is like touching a wound that hurts and not realising the finger, truly great.

The third track, Heart, starts very slowly, a bass pulse is there, almost inaudible, then a lead synth is there without identifying when it started. The track changes in something more rhythmic with synth and drum sequences. Good track.

The fourth track, Dymagic, is not what I like the most from SCHULZE, but I recognize it has that experimental edge.

I have the vinyl (with poster) and last CD editions of this album. The vinyl has some scratches here and there, but the sound is better. The bad thing is that the tracks are cut to fit the side of the vinyl. The CD has the complete tracks.

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