Saturday, January 24, 2015

Edgar Froese - 1983 - Pinnacles

Edgar Froese 

01. Specific Gravity Of Smile (9:35)
02. The Light Cone (4:22)
03. Walkabout (7:10)
04. Pinnacles (22:00)

- Edgar Froese / synthesizer, guitar, keyboards, vocals, composer

 This album sounds a bit like Tangerine dream's "White eagle", "Hyperborea" and some of their soundtracks of the corresponding years. There is omnipresent, varied and lively beat sequencers and many discrete keyboards layers. There are melodic keyboards and background floating streams of keyboards. All is recorded in very interlocking multi- sequenced patterns; it is mostly repetitive, but never dull. Froese has always this subtle way to merge his electric guitar sound with the keyboards arrangements. The keyboards layers are so well made that one may easily pretend it is a true Tangerine Dream's album, featuring the 3 official members of the early 80's! It is a very good album if you want to relax.

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