Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cyklus - 1979 - Planet Of Two Suns

Planet Of Two Suns

01. Airflow (4:40)
02. Nito (7:12)
03. Planet Of Two Suns (3:06)
04. Funky Depression (6:23)
05. Zeitblende (3:03)
06. Wolken (7:39)
07. Water And Sun (3:26)
08. Ocean's Gift (4:16)

Jens Fischer - guitar
Achim Gieseler - keys, piano
Matz Steinke - bass
Mickie Stickdorn - drums

Cyklus is a very unknown and underrated ?70 jazz fusion band from Germany who has only one album in their pocket. The album was relesed at Erlkonig label in july 1979 and named Planet of two suns. The album they release is uniquie in his own way , because while more than half is towards ligher sound of jazz fusion not far from Passport or even in places Return to Forever, they have more rougher moments who can pleases every jazz rock listner or progressive fan in same time with complex and subtile arrangements. They never hit big time with their music maybe because they pay too much the year they began their career ? late ?70?s, when prog music was in decline . Well this band like many others from that period is like a kick in the face for those who said that prog/jazz music is dead and not intristing anymore. , 3 members from Cyklus were before this in another german jazz fusion band Aera: matz Steinke from bass, Achim Gieseler - keys and Wofgang Teske drums.

Cyklus is a very underrated jazz fusion band from Germany who release a single album in 1979 at defunct label Erlkönig, named Planet of two suns. While the album is a real pleasure to listen more towards lighter side of jazz but with a good dose of rougher moments, they never gain a wider recognition from jazz listners and even progressive ones. Taken their influences from another great german jazz band Passport and even in places from Return to Forever, Cyklus manege to creat a solid album with great pieces. All tracks are real winners and desearve a close lisning if you want to catch the core of the whole album, the longer pieces ar the best, like Nito, Wolken andFunky Depression, but also the opening track is realy good - Airflow, the rest are ok . 3 stars for Planet of two suns who is great, underrated, unknown - but excellent all the way. 3 members from here were also part of another german jazz rock band named Aera.



  2. Thanks! I'm hoping this is a different rip to the one that was floating around recently, which had a lot of small gaps in the music.

  3. Bummer, it is the same rip :-(