Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chicken Bones - 1973 - Hardrock In Concert

Chicken Bones
Hardrock In Concert

01. Feeling 4:44
02. I'm Falling 6:09
03. Water 10:02
04. Factory Girl 10:11
05. Drive 4:23
06. The Day Is Cold 4:52

Rainer Geuecke (guitar, vocals)
Hilmar Szameitat (rhythm guitar)
Werner Hofmann (bass)
Wolfgang Barak (drums)

Together with Bram Stoker's HARD ROCK SPECTACULAR, this album tries to advertise it's contents with it's unsubtle title. But what is here is not so much hard rock as very guitar based blues & prog sort of record, with a clear Wishbone Ash influence. Some of the cuts (mostly long and rambling) have lots of sweet, seventies sounding soloing, and the songs often service those solos, not the other way around. It's also mostly instrumental, and the songs tend to take forever to get going. It actually sounds more typical of a Japanese release from a few years prior than a German product of '76. And despite the "In Concert" in the title, this is clearly a batch of studio recordings. Some CD reissues add a bunch of extra tracks, some of them heavier and better than anything on the original version, which has gotta be ridiculously valuable on vinyl these days. If your tolerance for seventies guitar rock is wide and forgiving, you should give this a whirl. Just don't expect particularly "hard rock" or a "concert" and you might like it.



  2. Wrong! This review is TOTAL BS, and from a guy that obviously skips around on a CD, and is too impatient to give the album a chance. I have heard so many 1000's of LP's it's not even funny, so believe me when I say; The original LP is perfect. And I mean perfect--it's really quite stunning hard-prog. It's the bonus tracks that sound out of place, as they are from guitarist Rainer Geuecke's later band called "Revanche". The album is called "Hardrock in concert" because the band played the album in one session, together, at Tonstudio, much like a concert. Have fun, and listen to vinyl, not digital!