Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brian Eno - 1975 - Discreet Music

Brian Eno 
Discreet Music

01. Discreet Music (31:34)
02. Three Variations on the Canon in D Major: Fullness of Wind (9:55)
03. Three Variations on the Canon in D Major: French Catalogues (5:19)
04. Three Variations on the Canon in D Major: Brutal Ardour (8:13)

- Brian Eno / synthesiser, keyboards, vocals

With time this minimalistic album has grown one of my greatest favourites, containing the most romantically beautiful ambient music I have yet heard. The A-side of the vinyl is built from delicate whispers of flute mellotrons and soothing synth tones, creating calm area of sound, where the sensation of time disappears. The randomness of loop effects used give interesting extra value to this flow of tones; Though this is more calculated and automated, the endresult sounds much more human and plesant than the organic soothing improvisation fro example from the King Crimson's "Moonchild" explorations. The B-side has three variations of Johann Pachelbel's Canon on D Major with chamber orchestra, whose adaptations have been enhanced with some additional synths. The random approach to these scores are interesting, as due simplicity of the scales the variations provide tonally pleasant sounds, which I would describe "surrealistic classical music". "Fullness of Wind" reduces speed constantly, and disappears to hazy void of beautifulness like "Im Abendrot" of Richard Strauss. The two other pieces have the notes duration interval broken down, and shimmer transcendental sweetness like a masterful abstract painting. If you like beautiful and classical music, I would recommend to allure yourslef with the charms of this wonderful album.

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