Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blister Chap - 1977 - Goin' In

Blister Chap 
1977 -
Goin' In

01. Too White And Too Loud
02. It's Not Allowed To Stay In This Bar Without A Drink
03. Breathin' Dog
04. Journey Through The Backside Of Your Body
05. Blister Chap
06. 80 Non Toxic Watercolours Paintbox

Wolfgang "Keili" Keilhofer (guitar, vocals), Helmut Kestler (bass), Clemens Meyer (keyboards), Klaus Winkler (drums),

Blister Chap should be proud of creating a couple of the rarest records circulating in the auction bids.Consisting of Wolfgang Keilhofer on guitar/vocals, Helmut Kestler on bass, Clemens Meyer on keyboards and Klaus Winkler on drums at their early stages, they were active since the mid-70's and debuted in 1977 with the album ''Goin' In'' on the private Help label, sort of an ancestor to the legendary Brutkasten label.

''Goin' In'' is definitely among the rarest records to find, however it does not seem to deserve much of its hunting.The style of Blister Chap was really unidentifiable as almost all tracks differ much compared to each other.Of course there is a certain Kraut-Rock vibe in most of them but if classified they would capture most of the Rock/Prog categories.The opening ''Too White And Too Loud'' is sort of straight Rock mixed with Electric Fusion with decent keyboard work, while the following ''It's Not Allowed To Stay In This Bar Without A Drink'' has a very inventive title as well as some great Heavy/Kraut-Rock stylings with an evident BIRTH CONTROL touch.''Breathin' Dog'' is not that interesting, mellow and jazzy Psychedelic Rock which lacks in dynamics and ''Journey Through The Backside Of Your Body'' is no different, only the electric piano adds some nice flavor, but the vocals are hillarious and the music quite boring.The eponymous track is a good Blues/Heavy Rock piece of music with nice guitar work and fine soloing much in the style of the US Rock school, for the first time the vocals in this album sound at least OK.The closing ''Eighty Non Toxic Watercolours Paintbox'' is unfortunately not a great choice.Unimaginative rocker with some deep grooves and bluesy guitars but totally uninspired and cliche.

A couple of good tracks save this album from total failure, but even these are not enough to make the album worth the triple digit bucks it hits on auctions.For die-hard collectors, for whom collecting rare music is way beyond money.



  2. Sincère admiration pour le partage, la découverte et le site dans son entièreté. Sweet Lilian a déjà rejoint le blind test de Mille mercis.