Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Between - 1971 - Einstieg


01. Katakomben (4:36)
02. Two trees (2:50)
03. Volkstanz (3:55)
04. Primary stage (4:10)
05. Flight of ideas (6:41)
06. Triumphzug Kaiser Maximilian I (3:14)
07. Barcelona rain (5:16)
08. Memories (4:39)
09. Space trip (9:27)
10. Try Bach (0:56)

- Cottrell Black / drums, congas
- Roberto Détrée / guitar, motocello
- Robert Eliscu / oboe, Lotus flute, krumhorn, vocals
- Jimmy J. Galway / flute
- Peter Michael Hamel / electronic organ, prepared piano

Debut album from a rather uncommon group of musicians from Munich, but probably the first one to delve into what would one day become World music, lead by German P-M Hamel, even if the Munich-based sextet comprised musicians from four different nations (2 Germans, 2 Americans, 1 Argentinean and an Irish) is hardly typical of the style in regard with their entire discography. Indeed musically, Between presented a psych-ethnic-classical mostly acoustic and almost entirely instrumental (the odd scats and chants) fusion that also delves in Musique Concrete and cosmic realm, the whole thing being terribly avant- garde. It wouldn't be too surprising to find out that this album wouldn't have helped Magma, Univers Zero, Art Zoyd and even Henry Cow in their own coming times.

From the Gregorian chants put to psychey congas and crumhorn (and ending in pure Cosmic nightmarish terror, just saved by a gong) of Katakomben to the four-part Space Trip, this album will sweep you from your feet and set you in another world. The feeling is often medieval (as in the awesome and spine- chilling Volkstanz and the solemn Triumphzug) reminding of an easier Third Ear Band, but sometimes veering in a dissonant Indian music (Primary Stage) where Vander's Kobaian Guru Guru (you following? ;- ) friends passed by. Some Kosmik passages like Flight Of Ideas are almost improvised, yet the music is incredibly descriptive of the forest at dawn (my take on it). The four-part monster 28-min Space Trip track is not any different, but has some incredibly haunting ambiances that can go from joys to angst always flirting with the dissonant and almost with the atonal

Einstig is a stunning debut album (at times reminding of Oregon), one that probably influenced a difficult- to-assess number of bands throughout the 70's and it is the first in a line of 6 aesthetically impeccable oeuvres, as Between always resisted commercial temptations. This album received a recent re-issue (as did the following ATWO album) with extensive liner notes (very helpful too) and bonus material on the Wergo label, and it's a must-listen for all progheads loving a challenge.



  2. thanks drago would you have peter michael hamel organum

  3. I do, I will be posting it later today... do you by an chance have
    Buddhist Meditation East West
    It's the one Hamel album that keeps eluding me