Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bakmak - 1976 - Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

01. Wave (3:45)
02. Austral Sky (5:42)
03. Silver Circle (7:15)
04. Eternal Breath (4:51)
05. On The Rocks (7:25)
06. Criss-Cross (Part 1 & Part 2) (8:12)
07. Out Of Range (2:45)

- Eckhard Lüdeke / bass, acoustic guitar
- Peter Dörnenburg / drums, percussion
- Christian Lüdeke / electric & acoustic guitar
- Reinhold Heil / piano, organ, synthesizer, keyboards
- Frank Lüdeke / saxophone, percussion

BAKMAK was a fusion band from Germany formed around 1972. It's core members were Christian, Eckhard and Frank LUDECKE, Peter DORNENBURG and Reinhold HEIL. Most of the members had a legitimate musical endeavor only as BAKMAK, while Frank LUDECKE worked as a saxophonist and flautist with German jazz funk bands like MESSENGERS, and Reinhold HEIL on keyboards (pianist influenced by MILES DAVIS and FRANK ZAPPA) became more known later on as a soundtrack composer now based in Los Angeles.

BAKMAK's two albums are not unlike many of those in the German 70's fusion scene, resembling the likes of KRAAN and PASSPORT.

One of literally hundreds of German bands playing a fusion style in the late 1970s. The opening track, with layers of Hammond organ in the Larry Young style, held out some hope that this could be something more special, but then the funky soprano saxophone enters in, and the keys switch primarily to Rhodes, and - OH NO - it's yet another funky fusion album. A very good one for the style, but once again a bit too much slickness for me to get my teeth into. Worth a listen anyway.

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