Monday, November 17, 2014

Patrick Godfrey - 1979 - Ancient Ships

Patrick Godfrey 
Ancient Ships

01. All Along 3:50
02. Clocks 3:30
03. Papillons 4:55
04. For Gail 7:35
05. Summer Rain 3:35
06. The Stone 8:30
07. Ancient Ships 14:15

Piano, Harpsichord, Harmonium, Marimba, Bells, Voice, Composed By, Producer – Patrick Godfrey

Recorded January 1979 Toronto

Who is Patrick Godfrey?   Evidently a very talented keyboardist from Toronto, Canada.  Musically this reminds me a lot of Sandy Owen but given its release in the seventies, it's highly imbued with the spirit of experimentation and progressive ideas that was so magically a part of those long ago days.  (There's even a purely percussive track.)  His later record from 1982 doesn't look quite as interesting but someday when I have a surplus in the account I will check it out to make sure.  Even a comparison of the covers indicates the deterioration in inspiration as we stepped over that evil lintel from seventies to eighties.



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