Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jukka Tolonen - 1977 - A Passenger to Paramaribo

Jukka Tolonen
A Passenger to Paramaribo

01. A Passenger to Paramaribo (5:38)
02. Punks! (6:30)
03. Tanja (3:02)
04. Phantastes (4:39)
05. Air Rock (5:56)
06. Dimitri (6:18)
07. What Went Wrong? (8:18)

- Jukka Tolonen / guitars
- Coste Apetrea / guitars
- Christer Eklund / bass
- Harri Merilahti / drums
- Bill Carson / drums,percussion
- Joachim Kuhn / keyboards, piano

Jukka Tolonen is one of Finland's best known Prog musicians. His solo works are generally instrumental, but this release finds Bill Carson sing on the closing track. Surprisingly, it comes off quite well as a laid back winding down after a generally high intensity "tour the force" of the preceding tracks. This release is perhaps more dynamic and less subtle than Tolonen's previous two albums, but still strongly in the Jazz-Rock vein, this time coupled with some unmistakable Funk. Nothing really wrong with that and the funky approach seem to dominate Tolonen's future releases for the corresponding time period.A versatile artist who in 2004 eventually arrives at dedicating a whole album to John Coltrane with a title "Cool Train" (yet to be added to his rather incomplete discography on PA).
"A Passenger To Paramaribo" represents excellent musicianship bursting with energy. The odd, lyrical piece "Tanja" (dedicated to his partner) is a welcome interlude. .../...
Special mention is due to legendary Finnish record label "Love Records" that were instrumental in supporting Finnish Prog till they went out of business. Their logo is charmingly cheeky, but you'll have to Google on that to see it for yourself.
This album is   an excellent addition bordering on a Prog masterpiece